Gathering relevant medical records shouldn’t take away from what really matters – your patients.

iPatientAxis ensures that all requested information is electronically aggregated, reviewed for quality, intelligently indexed, and securely delivered – guaranteeing productive patient visits and timely care.

Accelerating Referral to Evaluation

Transplant and oncology centers of all sizes face similar challenges in processing new referrals.  One ubiquitous obstacle is the need to successfully gather a patient’s relevant medical history prior to their first appointment. Time is of the essence when it comes to gathering records in an efficient manner – which no one does faster than iPatientAxis.  It is also critical to gain organized and prioritized data, allowing focused insights into that patient’s medical and diagnostic history.

The ability to produce intelligent and easily navigated data is what sets iPatientAxis apart.

Like many other hospitals, enhancing our patients’ experience is essential to our mission; we know that patients are impressed when the provider and professional care staff treat them as unique individuals. iPatientAxis powered by ChartFill helps arm our team with relevant background and history before ever even seeing a patient which leads to more patient face time and better satisfaction for all involved.”

-RWJUH Transplant Team Coordinator


Same day access to your patients’ medical records

iPatientAxis has direct digital connections into many of the top EMR vendors in the US, which allows same day availability of the requested medical records to be viewed by our customers.

Automated Clinical Trial Matching

Only iPatientAxis’ patented platform has the capability to automatically screen and match patients for potential clinical trials.

Only the Records You Need

Other medical record aggregation companies burden their clients with unnecessary files and documents, prolonging and complicating the patient evaluation process.

iPatientAxis allows your team to work in an efficient, focused manner by providing you with only the records that have been requested.

Direct EMR Integration & Delivery

Medical records are digitized, automated and can be downloaded directly to your EMR; delivering seamless transmission of critical patient information.

Critical Patient Information – Records Organized by Content

iPatientAxis’ Clinical Factor Analysis provides clients with the most critical information necessary for optimal clinical decision making. Expedient, informed office visits ultimately save valuable time for staff as well as patients.

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iPatientAxis bridges gaps between research sites, life sciences and contract research organizations to achieve one common goal: streamlining and accelerating trial design, site selection and patient identification to bring therapies to market faster and more cost effectively.